Welcome to Speech Therapy of ForsythWe are a dedicated team of professionals committed to improving the lives of children with special needs by making sure they have fun while learning to communicate and function more effectively.  Our staff of Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists have achieved proven success in helping children that have special needs go on to achieve great success in their every day lives.  We serve families in north Atlanta and north Georgia and are conveniently located just off GA 400 in Alpharetta, Georgia.  For directions to our Clinic, please go to Contact Us.

Our success with children has been a direct result of utilizing our Parent/Coaching Model.  It is unrealistic to work with a child for one hour per week or less and expect him/her to achieve results as quickly as desired by the parents.  However, if the parent is trained to carryover the therapeutic techniques at home, clearly the child's rate of progress can increase dramatically. 

Research shows that activities that involve the senses speed up learning.  This is part of what parents learn in their coaching which allows their normal home life to be a series of optimal opportunities for continued learning.  Sensory Integration Disorders are common among children and if understood, can help unlock a child's potential for learning.  Our clinic has been designed to provide multi-sensory experiences in many ways.  We have a Garden Room, Kitchen, Gym, Playroom and Classroom.  Each is equipped with speakers, natural lighting with dimmers, and a host of cooking, gardening, art and gymnastic opportunities for the children.   Children love to come to our clinic because they have rich sensory experiences while learning.  For those children that cannot come to our Clinic, we can provide in-home onsite therapy or "Skype" as a therapy alternative for those parents that may not be able to bring their child to our office at a convenient time.  Please ask us about it..

Research also shows that Early Intervention in treating disorders can substantially enhance a child's success for the remainder of their lives.

If your child has been diagnosed with Speech/Language or OT issues, feel confident in the fact that our team of therapists have the training and experience to help your child with whatever diagnosis or difficulties that he/she may have.  If your child has not yet been diagnosed but you suspect that he/she may be having difficulties in communicating or functioning in their daily activities, please call us to schedule an evaluation or  to just discuss your child's issues and get our experienced feedback.  Also, please click on our YouTube video Speech Therapy of Forsyth to learn more about us.

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